How the Wheels Started Turning


It started in a small side yard over thirteen years ago.  A group of passionate cyclists had a talent for fixing the neighborhood kids’ bicycles, and they began to consider how this small concept could be developed into something much larger.

What if you created a place for people to repair and build their own bicycles?

Could this place encourage community values and healthy lifestyles?

This handful of community-minded cyclists took these ideas and their love for biking and developed a unique, new organization: The ReCYCLEry.

Current Position and the Road Ahead

Fifteen years and hundreds of tires, handlebars and miles later, this simple idea has developed in a successful non-profit.  Founded in Carrboro, North Carolina, and now located in Chapel Hill, The ReCYCLEry is a cooperative workspace that serves as a vibrant cornerstone of the local community.

Volunteers help children and adults to fix and build their own bicycles, and the ReCYCLEry sponsors a wide range of events that encourage community interaction, alternative transportation, and values such as self-confidence and responsibility.  The name of the non-profit itself emphasizes these core values of both environmental consciousness as well as community action through outdoor activities such as bicycling.



Get building and start biking at The ReCYCLEry today. 

Check out these major milestones along our journey.


Transforming Lives

Partnered with Town of CH Bikability clinic to instruct kids with disabilities.

Kidical Mass Rides

Promoting Safety

ReCYCLEry helped to organize the first Kidical Mass event with over 150 participants to teach bike safety and promote kids cycling in the community.

breaking new ground

Breaking New Ground

The ReCyclery partnered with a youth cycling team that traveled 2500 miles along the Underground Railroad and the Pacific Coast.


Developing Young Leaders

Hundreds of volunteers have worked with The ReCYCLEry since its start.

Making biking accessible

Making Biking Accessible

The ReCYCLEry has assisted community members to repair thousands of bikes and to build over 1,000 from scratch.

uniting the community

Uniting the Community

In 2012, ReCyclery helped to organize 120 bicyclists for the Chapel Hill/Carrboro Parade.

assisting those in need

Assisting Those in Need

Donated over 200 bikes to children in Carrboro and throughout the eastern United States

Graduated six classes of Phase 1 mechanics, a total of 60 community members, including 35 female mechanics

Teaching Life Skills

Since its inception, The ReCYCLEry has graduated six classes of Phase 1 mechanics, a total of 60 community members, including 35 female mechanics.

paying it forward

Paying it Forward

The ReCYCLEry has acted as the fiscal umbrella for two other budding non-profits that work towards bicycling advocacy.